PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Butt Lift

Women and men today often value a rounder, curvier buttocks, and many patients have tried everything from stair steppers, squats, prayers, and adding a little more fat in their diet to achieve a shapelier behind. Unfortunately for them, many of these methods do not produce the rounded appearance that they were hoping to achieve. While some patients are too thin to have enough fat in their butts to create shape, others have a flat butt due to aging or lack of exercise for many years. Exasperated with having flat or unshapely butts, these patients then turn to procedures that can enhance their buttocks, such as the Platelet Rich Plasma Butt Lift. Los Angeles Platelet Rich Plasma Butt Lift Doctors are at the cutting edge for the procedure, the Platelet Rich Plasma butt lift is a natural way for women and men to enhance the fullness and appearance of their buttocks. This procedure is unique to other existing procedures, and it has helped many patients to enhance the aesthetic appearance of their buttocks.

How is the Platelet Rich Plasma Butt Lift procedure unique?

There are many procedures available for women and men to augment their buttocks, including implants and fat transfer therapies. Implants involve placing silicone fixtures into the butt cheeks in order to create a rounder, curvier appearance. Another option is fat transfer, which takes fat from one part of the body and reinserts it into buttocks. Both of these procedures require anesthesia, surgical incisions, and around two weeks of down time.

Los Angeles Platelet Rich Plasma Butt Lift Doctors use a procedure that takes the platelets from the patients’ blood and their own body fat. The difference in this therapy is that the Platelet Rich Plasma is combined with the patients’ fat and uses growth factors to promote tissue generation in the area. This allows the results to be permanent, and they get better with time.

The procedure begins by first applying a numbing cream to the area that is being treated and where the fat is being taken from. Typically, fat is taken from the inner thighs or the lower abdomen, and then a small sample of blood is taken as well. The blood and fat are then spun down in a centrifuge, and the doctor takes a syringe and re-injects it into the desired areas until the effect that the patient was hoping for is achieved.

Why choose the Platelet Rich Plasma Butt Lift over another procedure?

The Platelet Rich Plasma Butt Lift has numerous advantages that are unique to other procedures. First of all, only numbing cream is applied, as opposed to being put to sleep with anesthesia, which means that the body does not have to process and detoxify from the anesthesia. Using numbing cream as opposed to anesthesia also allows the procedure to be done faster, as this procedure only takes around one hour to perform.

Another benefit of this procedure is that it can be performed in conjunction with other aesthetic services, such as laser therapies for fat reduction, skin tightening, or another PRP Therapy. To achieve optimal results, many patients opt to have multiple services at the same time that they receive the PRP Butt Lift.

After receiving the Platelet Rich Plasma Butt Lift, patients can return to work the very next day because there is really no down time, and they most likely will only experience limited soreness in the areas of the injections. Like other butt lift procedures, patients cannot work out for two weeks, but they can perform their regular daily activities.

Getting Started With a Platelet Rich Plasma Butt Lift

This cutting edge, advanced cosmetic procedure is available through Platelet Rich Plasma Specialists that are well versed in the use of platelets and fat transfers. Many specialists have done countless PRP procedures, including butt lifts. Before getting started with a PRP Butt Lift, a Los Angeles Platelet Rich Plasma Butt Lift Doctor will take the patients’ full medical history, assess their lifestyle habits, and learn about their treatment goals. The physician will tell patients how to achieve and maintain optimal results, and increase the effectiveness of the growth factors in the PRP. The Los Angeles Platelet Rich Plasma Butt Lift Doctor will explain the exact procedure to patients and guide through every step of the process, while doing everything they can to them achieve their desired results. Many men and women have achieved fantastic results with a Platelet Rich Plasma Butt Lift, allowing them to increase their levels of confidence and overall self esteem.

To learn more about receiving a Platelet Rich Plasma Butt Lift, contact a Los Angeles Platelet Rich Plasma Butt Lift Doctors today to schedule an appointment!

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