PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) for Acne

Women and men of all ages suffer from acne breakouts, which can greatly reduce levels of self-confidence because the face is the first thing that other people see when they look at a person. For many years, treatments that reduce the appearance of acne have been on the market, ranging from cleansers, oral medications, facials, and microdermabrasion. Lately, lasers have gained in popularity for treating acne; however, Platelet Rich Plasma has entered the scene as a cutting edge breakthrough in the treatment of acne and skin discoloration from acne. Many men and women have finally been able to reduce the signs of acne with Los Angeles Doctors extensive experience using Platelet Rich Plasma Acne Treatment protocols that are designed to improve the complexion.

How does Platelet Rich Plasma reduce the appearance acne?

Acne occurs when the oil glands of the face produce too much oil, which then gets lodged in the pores, causing a build up on dead skin, bacteria, and oil. Each pore has a small hair follicle, and each follicle has an oil gland. When debris clogs up the pores, the skin breaks out in pustules, black heads, and even cystic acne.

Platelet Rich Plasma uses platelets and growth factors from the patients’ blood that help the skin to fight off acne. A Los Angeles Platelet Rich Plasma Acne Scar Specialist will spin down the blood and make small injections into the face to re-inject the platelets and growth factors. Upon injecting the PRP, the punctures and the PRP create a healing effect. The skin produces new collagen and regenerates tissue that has been damaged due to clogged up pores.

While some results are apparent immediately after treatment, throughout the course of a few weeks the effects become more evident, and many patients experience clearer, healthier skin.

What are the advantages of PRP for Acne versus other therapies?

Platelet Rich Plasma has many unique advantages that set it apart from some of the other available treatments for acne. Some of these benefits include:

Lower Risk of Allergic Reactions: Acne can get worse with inflammation, which can occur with allergic reactions to medications, lotions, or certain cleansers. Because Platelet Rich Plasma involves the use of components from the patient’s own body, allergic reactions typically do not occur.

Improves Skin Overall: Platelet Rich Plasma for acne can also reduce previous signs of acne. Many people that have had acne for an extended period of time have small dark spots or discoloration from previous pimples or blackheads. Platelet Rich Plasma stimulates healing and the rebuilding of collagen, which can improve the skin’s general appearance.

Complements Other Therapies: While Platelet Rich Plasma can be used as a standalone procedure, it can also be used in conjunction with other therapies to optimize results. PRP is often used with laser therapy to minimize the appearance of discoloration from previous acne and to prevent more acne breakouts.

Immediate Results: After a Platelet Rich Plasma procedure, patients are usually able to see positive changes in their skin tone and appearance. However, the complexion continues to improve due to the growth factors and collagen rebuilding properties in the plasma.

Fast and Painless: Platelet Rich Plasma procedures usually take around one hour to perform, and they only require a small amount of numbing cream. Treatments are relatively painless, and patients can return to their normal activities the same day.

Local Los Angeles Physicians that specialize in Platelet Rich Plasma for acne can help patients to determine which type of procedure or combination of therapies is right for them. During your initial visit for Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy the Los Angeles PRP Acne Scar Doctor will take the patient’s full medical history, lifestyle preferences, and treatment goals into account. Many patients have been able to reduce the appearance of unwanted acne and skin discoloration from previous breakouts. Los Angeles Platelet Rich Plasma Acne Scar Specialists have helped countless patients to improve the health of their skin, while benefiting their complexion.

To learn more about obtaining a Platelet Rich Plasma for acne treatment, contact a Los Angeles Platelet Rich Plasma Acne Scar Specialist today to schedule an appointment!

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